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首頁 > 產品訊息 > 導電漿品質保證系統
  • 我們的認證

  • 目前所銷售之各型漿料均通過SGS檢測,且有完整的可靠度檢驗模式。
  • 聯絡我們
RoHS 檢測


RoHS Inspection

All the pastes we sell have to be qualified with RoHS requirements through SGS lab. We avoid all the listed forbidden materials while we start to research and develop our paste. The concept of environmental protection has been applied to our product development continuously. 




我們擁有卓越的產品驗證能力,自開發設計階段即參與先期可靠度工程實驗,針對產品儲運執行相關保存測試,針對網印後的電池及封裝完成的模組亦根據IEC 61215等法規執行相關Thermal Cycle/Damp Heat/UV Exposure 測試,以確保產品的有效性,提供客戶最完整可靠的產品。

Reliability test

We have excellent product certification capability. This reliable quality control system is involved during the developing stage. Concerning the product quality, we also did tests for preservations during storage and transportation. Further to ensure durability and validity, we produce the cell and module by using our paste, which will be tested by Thermo Cycle, Damp Head, and UV Exposure according to the law IEC 61215.