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首頁 > 產品訊息 > 太陽能電池用導電漿
  • 太陽能電池用正面銀漿

  • 正面銀漿與SiNx反應性佳、導電率高,能提高太陽能電池轉換效率0.2%以上。 High conductivity and good reaction with SiNx; the efficiency can be gained about 0.2%.
  • 太陽能電池用背面鋁漿

  • 背面鋁漿與矽結合性佳,產生均勻背面電場,提高開路電壓及短路電流,效率高0.1%。 Result a uniform BSF and strong adhesion to Si-wafer; the Voc and Isc were increased so that the efficiency can be gained about 0.1% than other same commercial products.
  • 太陽能電池用背面銀漿

  • 背面銀漿與上述兩種產品搭配性佳,與Ribbon的焊接力強,高於市售產品1N以上。 Good suitability with the above pastes; high soldering capacity with ribbon, which greater than other same commercial products.